About Me

When I took my first massage class in 1996, it felt like coming home to something I had always known: a natural expression. 

Since then, I have graduated from massage school, attended many classes and trainings, & worked on thousands of clients in a wide variety of settings- from upscale spa to free medical clinic, in people's homes, my own offices, at sporting events, and religious gatherings. I've connected with people transitioning through the last stages of life, as well as young people with their first aches and pains. 

I came to experience my work not only as a healthcare modality, but as a healing art, a means of connecting with people, a moving meditation. 

After my diagnosis with stage III colon cancer in 2015, and subsequent treatment with surgery and chemotherapy, I thought my career was over; I was thoroughly depleted and spent many months sleeping long hours, resting, and meditating. During that time, an open-hearted bodyworker friend generously offered me the cranio-sacral therapy I craved and needed to move through my own healing process.

No one was more surprised than I was when, in March of 2018, I suddenly "knew" it was time to go back to doing massage. It felt like a homecoming & a rebirth! I am amazed, grateful, and excited to create my practice anew & share with you what I've learned.